Our family

Always on the road, we’ve been serving the young and not so young hamburgers and piadine from our mobile kitchen for over 30 years.

Our travels brought us to Montepulciano, which we found to be an ideal place to set up a base, permanent but at the same time forever on the move, with our ideas, our need to experiment, our desire to see our customers always smiling with satisfaction and pleasure.

Our family policy in working together in harmony has extended to all our customers from the locals to the passing tourists that come to visit the beauties of the Montepulciano area.

Luciano (also known as... Baffo/Moustache)

The head of the family, a typical Tuscan with a witty comment ever at the ready; from a friendly welcome it is hard not to enter into conversation and accompany the house specials with a good chat.

No matter how busy the kitchen, he always finds time to entertain customers. He loves to point out that the real bosses of the business are his wife and children.


The daughter, unopposed queen of the kitchen, notwithstanding the incursions of the Baffo from behind the counter... She manages to combine speed and craft in preparing the dishes. Every course, apart from being decidedly good, is also a pleasure to the eye. From the good mistress of the house service times !!!!!!

A treasure!


Open lunchtime and evenings



Far from the crowded dining area the mother selects the ingredients and comes up with the ideas from which all the specials of the day at Edel’s are derived. Over the years, she has often suggested and chosen the style and furniture for the house, with a refined taste that only some women possess.


The son manages the dining area with speed and discretion. It is often down to Mattia to welcome the guests which he does with warmth and style. A great supporter of Fiorentina FC he is always ready to satisfy the requests of the customers. Not a great talker but it is clear that he has inherited from the “boss” that sense of irony and wisdom the Tuscan region is famous for.

Your feedback!

We came to Montepulciano to visit the Christmas market and in order to have a quick break and recharge our batteries we walked into this place, and it was a great experience.  We had an excellent Chianina beef hamburger, tender yet well cooked, with some grilled greens on top, and a schiaccia (a kind of focaccia) filled with spec ham, mushroom paté, all top quality. What’s more, the staff were really friendly, although the place was heaving. In Montepulciano there is no shortage of restaurants and gastro wine bars, but nowhere like this. We’re definitely coming again.

A lovely place, very kind staff and excellent food at a ridiculously low price. Try it yourself and see.

La Casa di Edel

via di Voltaia nel Corso n.22 - 53045 Montepulciano (Siena)

phone: +39 0578 799232 - mobile: +39 348 6961587 - email: info@casadiedel.it - P.IVA 01498730512

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via di Voltaia nel Corso n.22 - 53045 Montepulciano (Siena)

phone: +39 0578 799232 - mobile: +39 348 6961587
email: info@casadiedel.it - P.IVA 01498730512